Brood Salt Bo-X

Artist: Juliet Ames

Neighborhood: Hampden

Location: Poole St.

Status: Active

Year: 2021

Materials Used

17″ x 23″ panel, OSHA Yellow paint, magic


In 2021, the Brood X cicadas emerged in the Baltimore area, inspiring local artists like Juliet Ames to create cicada-themed art work. For more examples of cicada art, see the Cicada Parade-a Art Project.

About Cicadas: Every 17 years, Brood X cicada nymphs tunnel upwards en masse to emerge from the surface of the ground. The insects then shed their exoskeletons on trees and other surfaces, thus becoming adults. The mature cicadas fly, mate, lay eggs in twigs, and then die within several weeks. The combination of the insects’ long underground life, their nearly simultaneous emergence from the ground in vast numbers and their short period of adulthood allows the brood to survive even massive predation.

Source: Wikipedia