Utz Salt ‘n Vinegar Box

Artist: Juliet Ames

Neighborhood: Hampden

Location: Ash St. and W. 36th St.

Status: Active

Year: 2021

Materials Used

17″ x 23″ panel, OSHA Yellow paint, magic


The Utz Story begins in a small town kitchen in 1921. William and Salie Utz began producing Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips in Hanover, PA, in their summer kitchen, cooking about 50 pounds of chips an hour. They sold those fresh chips to small local grocers and markets, primarily in the Baltimore, MD, area.

From carnivals to boardwalks to Utz Salt and Vinegar Chips, the combination of salty seasoning with lip-puckering vinegar is a true flavor classic. Fans of salt and vinegar chips can savor these flat-cut chips made from real potatoes. They’re so savory, your mouth will water as soon as you open the bag.

Source: Utz