It’s OK. You can do this. Baltimore DOT has unofficially blessed the decoration of saltboxes. This website and the @Baltimore.Saltbox Instagram are not affiliated with the City of Baltimore in any way. We’re here to document and help grow and support the community of saltbox fans.

The saltboxes often get removed in the Spring (April 15th is known as Saltbox Ascension Day) and come back in the Winter (November 15th is Saltbox Descension Day), but any saltbox free of art is fair game for decoration.

Make Your Own Art Box

Anyone is welcome to adopt a saltbox! This community project welcomes artists of all skill levels to participate.

Please do not advertise your business This is art, not a billboard.

Keep the subject matter close to salt or all things Baltimore.

No offensive content, please. If you wouldn’t show it to your grandmother or your kid, don’t put it on a saltbox.

Please don’t cover another person’s art. It’s just rude. There are plenty of boxes to go around. Collaborations are always welcome, though.

The easiest way to decorate a saltbox is by putting your art on a 17″ x 23″ panel and affixing it to the front of the box with 4 screws. Be sure the screws do not go all the way through the wood, which could potentially injure a citizen while getting their salt.

Make sure all materials are weather resistant.

Since art boxes will remain outside for the public to enjoy, we ask that artists adopt the box during the summer months and help ensure the boxes remain intact and trash-free. If the box needs more maintenance than you can handle, you can report this to the Department of Transportation using 311. If your box needs a coat of paint, we recommend using OHSA Safety Yellow paint which can be found at most home improvement stores. Make sure it is good for outdoor use.

Share your art on socials using hashtag #saltboxart

Once your art is out in the world, reach out to us at or through Instagram at @baltimore.saltbox.

Salt Box Coloring Sheet

Juliet Ames has also created a Baltimore Salt Box Coloring Sheet for kids, which can be found here. The winning design will be made into a real saltbox in Fall 2021. Submit a design here:

Built Your Own Salt Box

If simply decorating a saltbox isn’t enough for you, there’s always building your own. Rybek Construction’s Michael Rybak makes it look easy. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and reach out to him for advice, box measurements, and tips.