Robert Atkinson

Who Are You?

I’m a transplanted Midwestern who moved to Baltimore a dozen years ago. I live in Hampden. I do some writing and content strategy. I became interested, then obsessed, with the saltboxes of Baltimore, so I created the Baltimore Saltbox Instagram, then the Baltimore Saltbox website.

What Inspired You To Create Saltbox Art?

I started documenting the saltbox art as soon as Juliet Ames dropped her first box, so moving into creating a few of them was a natural next step. I had a few ideas, and with the help of Bill Stevenson, I was able to join in the fun.

How Many Saltbox Art Pieces Have You Created?

I did two: one I nicknamed the Meta Saltbox because it was made up of pictures of saltboxes. The other – The Salt Is a Lie – was part of a birthday scavenger hunt.

Robert Atkinson’s Saltbox Art

Anything Else?


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